Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Dainty Doll - First Impressions

 Hello there! I was always aware of the brand Dainty Doll and I've always wanted to try it seeing as it's directed specifically at pale girls it seemed perfect for me. I have very fair skin and sometimes it can be quite the pain when it comes to makeup (don't even start me on the foundation quest). I always walked by the stall at boots and swatched everything but never quite took the plunge. But.. when I heard Fragrance Direct were selling the products at 80% off. yes, that's right 80%. I had to reason to say no anymore. And not only that but I could buy a good few things. I couldn't quite contain my excitement!

Please note: I tried to use the most natural lighting possible so the colours come up true to real life. Compromising on the attractiveness of the photos!

The goods

My spoils included: 
  • A powder blush in 'Hippy Shake'  
  • A powder blush in 'Money Talks' 
  • A cream blush in 'Paper Roses' 
  • A cream blush in 'Orange County Girl' 
  • A lipstick in 'Couture' 
  • A lipstick in 'Baby Love' 
  • A eyeshadow in 'Treat Her Like A Lady'

 The lipstick packaging is metal and sturdy. It feels expensive and not cheap or plasticy which I lovee. I think the packaging on all these products is super cute. The 1940's inspired line is beautiful to look at.

This is the shade 'couture'. Admittedly it looks terrifying, but it's a dark vintage 40's red and I'm in love with it.

This is the shade 'Baby Love'. It's a nude pink (the pinkness doesn't pick up too well in the photo). It is very chic and great if you're looking for a new nude. From my first impressions I've found both lipsticks to be moisturizing and creamy. 

swatch: Left - 'Couture'. Right - 'Baby love'

In the blush department I went a bit mad.

The packaging has a matte black finish, so (something similar to Nars packaging) it's gonna get grubby. But as it stands it looks pretty good. It's not too bulky either! 

 Left: 'Hippy Shake', Right: 'Money talks' 

Hippy Shake is like a pale lilac/pink colour.. it's deceiving in different types of light! I hope it'll flatter my pale complexion well. Money Talks is the thing I've been waiting for for so long.... a contour colour for fair skin! It's a sort of taupe colour. Perfect! Can't wait to try it out properly. 


I also got two cream blushes :) 

Left: Orange County Girl. Right: Paper Roses 

(Excuse my reflection.. haha)
From what I've gathered so far these are delightful and lovely and creamy. I'm hoping to purchase a stippling brush soon and think it'll be a great way to apply these.


My last purchase was an eyeshadow.

The packaging is identical to the blushes only eyeshadow sized! 
It's a beautiful taupe colour, a nice neutral shade which I think I'll get lots of use out of!
Time to assess my savings!
Powder blushes: RRP - £13.50. I paid - £1.99!
Cream blushes: RRP - £13.50 I paid - £1.99!
Lipstick: RRP: £12.50 I paid - £1.99! 
Eyeshadow: £11.50 I paid - £1.99!

So that's everything, thanks for reading guys! 
If you'd like me to review anything in full let me know :)

Have you guys tried any of the Dainty doll range? what do you think? 

Much Love,
                Natalie xxx


  1. Thank you for this! Just ordered a new lipstick! Love your blog, thanks again!



    1. Thank you for reading! Haha. you won't be dissapointed :) the site's delivery service is really efficient also. Glad you found it useful :) x

  2. I was inspired to check out the lipstick on Fragrance Direct and I definitely think I will be buying it!!! I am a new subscriber ;) I would love it if you checked out my blog http://myfairdaily.blogspot.com <3

    1. It's such good value for money! i'm glad you found this useful :) thanks so much for following!
      I def will! x

    2. I've nominated you and your blog for the Liebster award :) Please check out my blog www.myfairdaily.com for all of the rules!

  3. I'm yet to try their products, they look so nice x

    1. So far i've found them to be great, don't they? love the packaging x

  4. i'm soo glad i read this!
    about to go purchase some of these <3
    thank you!


    1. Aww great :) so glad you found it useful! Hope you enjoy your new purchases haha.
      thanks for reading! x

  5. Oooh, nice picks! Have never tried the brand but it looks so cute! Couture and Country Girl looks like especially lovely shades :)



    1. Thanks!
      It looks adorable :) they're prob my favourite 2! haha :)
      thanks for reading x