Sunday, 31 March 2013

NOTD - Nails Inc. Tate

I adore this colour, a perfect glamourous red. I love being a bit bold with my nail polish selection and this colour is just divine.
Scratchy metal lid aside the bottle itself is quite pretty too and not too bulky.. 
Nails inc polishes apply beautifully and for me the brush is the perfect size for my nail - not too big, not too small.
Whilst the polishes are pricey at £11 but they're on sale currently -  here
I think they're worth it for such a reliable formula. 

What do you guys think? I'm yet to try an OPI polish - any suggestions?

Much love, 
                 Natalie xxx

Friday, 29 March 2013

Korres glory

I took an impromptu shortcut through TK Maxx yesterday only to be seduced by the beauty and bath section.. much to the dismay of the person accompanying me. I could spend hours there and that is no exaggeration. I lifted this body butter simply out of interest but as soon as I smelt the product I was sold. It was a tough choice between the guava or fig scent but guava triumphed in the end! 

The Korres brand is totally new to me and this is the first product I've used by them. I get the impression they're a very natural brand. The packaging tells me that this product is 93.9% natural with no Parabens, no Silicones and no Phthalates - that could only be good right?

There's a really extensive ingredients list down the side called 'Formula Facts' which tells you exactly what is and isn't in the product which would be amazing for someone with allergies or sensitive skin who really needed to check the product over before using it. 

The product normally costs £12.99 according to the Tk Maxx but I got it there for £4.99! And I can safely say it's the best fiver I've spent in a while, I'm delighted with my purchase. This body butter is a 'Extra moisturising' version for dry skin conditions.

The packaging reads: Smoothing and moisturising cream for all over the body, ideal for dry elbows, heels and knees. Guava is an important source of vitamin C, which stimulates collagen synthesis. Shea butter and Quince extract have softening moisturising and reconstructing properties. Sunflower, Almond and Avacado oils nourish the skin, thus restoring its elasticity and smoothness. 

It's a 150ml bottle with a very handy pump (I really love it when a product has a pump.. it's just one of those things).
I think it was the scent that really drove me to this product. It's deliciously fruity and it kind of smells faintly of suncream.. but the nicest suncream you'll ever smell. It immediately transported me to my summer holidays as soon as I smelt it and every time I've used it!

It's quite thick in consistency and you have to really work it into the skin but leaves your skin feeling gloriously hydrated and happy! 

After applying this body cream your skin feels totally plump, supple and soft to touch and after applying I sat about admiring the smell and imagining I was on a beach in Spain...ahhhh.

After such success I am determined to try more Korres products, any suggestions? 
 I don't think I've been this enthusiastic about a body butter before and I am itching to try out their other scents and ranges. If you pass one of these in TK Maxx pick it up and see what you think, you might just be as pleased as I was. 

Thanks for reading :) 

Oh and just on a side note - I've customized my blog a little and I think I'm finally happy with the header (hours spend on Photoshop and lots of trial and error - time well spent) What do you guys think?

Much love, 
                     Natalie xxx

Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Liebster award!

There is only one phrase to describe my emotions towards this subject - 
Thanks to the beautiful Ashley at I was nominated 
for the Liebster award. Those who follow me will know I'm a very novice blogger and new to all things blog related. I can't even describe how rewarding it is to feel like someone enjoys reading what you have to say and talk about. Thanks Ashley!

You can also check out her recent giveaway here! -

so here are the rules a nominee must follow:
  1. share 11 things about  yourself.
  2. answer the 11 questions that your tagger gave you.
  3. choose 11 fellow blogs to nominate. the nominees must have less than 300 google friend connect followers and be told via comment on their blog.
  4. think of 11 questions to ask the bloggers that were nominated  
  5. thank the person that nominated you and link back their blog. 

11 things about myself
  1. I'm a book worm through and through and love nothing more than cuddling up with a good read
  2. My friends regularly mock my strange taste in music - many would mistake my ipod for one that belongs to a 50-year-old
  3. Chocolate is my drug, along with haribo and the alike. 
  4. I'm in a happy and content relationship
  5. Marc Jacobs Daisy 'Sunshine eau so fresh' and Chloe are my all time favourite perfumes
  6. Cinnamon holds a place very dear in my heart.
  7. I have ambitions to travel and so far I've visited: The Isle of Man, Scotland, England, Mainland Spain, Mallorca and Berlin (Germany). 
  8. I'm currently studying English Literature, History and Media Studies
  9. The Harry Potter Series will forever be the centre of my childhood (forever waiting on my letter of entry to Hogwarts)
  10. I am 100x more likely to buy something if a blogger I value raves about it (my poor bank balance) 
  11. Eyeliner is the bane of my life, WHY are my flicks never even?


Ashley's 11 questions:
  1. what is your favorite makeup brand? oohhh... Going to go with either Revlon or L'Oreal (I can't pick one i'm sorry, it's too hard!)
  2. are you summer baby, spring baby, winter baby, or fall baby? Spring baby :) born in April
  3. what age did you receive your first kiss?  15
  4. would you rather have a shopping spree for clothes or makeup? hmmm makeup
  5. what is your favorite ice cream flavor? Ben & Jerry's Cookie dough
  6. if you could meet any celebrity who would it be? One of the cast members of Harry Potter
  7. why did you start your own blog? Last year
  8. what is the most recent goal you're pursuing? Passing my exams.. eeek :S
  9. where do you shop at the most? New Look (UK store)
  10. do you have a bucket list? if so name one thing on it. To swim with dolphins :)
  11. what is your biggest fear?  Spiders..even saying the word makes me feel queezy.

 My 11 questions:
  1. If you could own only 3 makeup products in the entire world what would they be? 
  2. What is your ultimate goal in life? 
  3. Who is your favourite blogger/youtuber? 
  4. If you had to wear one lipstick colour for the rest of your life what would it be? 
  5. What inspired you to start blogging? 
  6. What is your ultimate pet-peeve? 
  7. Your favourite book? 
  8. Your favourite music artist? 
  9. What do you love most about blogging? 
  10. What advice would you give to anyone starting a blog? 
  11. Are you a handbag person or shoe person?

And now the lovely bloggers I would like to nominate for simply having fantastic blogs..

My Nominees!
  1.  Nicola from Babbles About  Beauty
  2.  Jenny and Fiona from the Scarlet Ribbon 
  3. Eden at Yo Candy
  4.  Boo from Blooming Boo
  5.  Siobhan at All That Glitters
  6.  Rachel at beautyqueenuk
  7.  Helen at DollysandDasies
  8.  Rebecca at OHH LA LONDON
  9.  Olivia at O.K Fashion & Beauty
  10.  Abbie at Pride and Pedicure
  11.  Laura at Laura Through The Lens
  12.  Ciara at Ciara Fay

I recommend you check out all these blogs, they're amazing :) 
and a final almighty massive hug for Ashley for nominating me, it means alot! 
thank you <3

Monday, 25 March 2013

HAUL - L'Oreal Paris

 Some naughty purchases in the duty free at the airport - oppsies.

I had some spare Euros to spend on the way home from my recent trip to Berlin so I decided to treat myself!

  • Studio Secrets Professional smoothing resurfacing primer
  • Rouge Caresse lipsticks
  • Volume Million Lashes mascara
  • Color Riche Le Khol 


Shades Left to Right: 01 Fashionista Pink, 06 Aphrodite Scarlet, 202 Impulsive Fuchsia

The products themselves are quite sheer and the lightest shade looks almost invisible in this photo, I put it down to bad lighting. The colour payoff is good I promise you! They are also extremely comfortable to wear. 

This is in the shade Noir/Black. I'm in love with the wand of this mascara, it gets every lash so well. If you don't like plastic mascara wands however this won't be for you.

 I got the eye pencil in the shade 101 Midnight Black (just your conventional black eyeliner shade) 
It glides on well and holds its' own on the waterline. 

So those were my airport buys, anybody tried any of these? what are your opinions?
Thanks for reading :)

Much Love, 
                     Natalie xxx 

Sunday, 17 March 2013

Haircare Routine

Helloo! this is post is on my current hair routine.
My hair is brunette, medium thickness and medium length. It gets pretty dry occasionally and pretty frizzy - (Especially after blow drying) never fun. If you guys are interested I will do a seperate post on hair care tools. 
And remember, this is just what  works for me! I love these products but of course everyone's hair is different.

So here are all my main products... 
(not including shampoo and conditioner - I'll talk about those in another post)

Left to right: Wella high hair crystal styler, Leo Bancroft widetooth comb, L'oreal  Elvive extraordinary oil, Tigi S factor smoothing lusterizer, Charles Worthington Salon at home intense rescue melting balm, Tres semme heat defence spray, Tangle Teaser, L'Oreal Elnette Satin Diamond hold hairspray 

 Voila. Firstly, the tools I use to tackle my hair:

I use the wide tooth comb to comb through my conditioner in the shower and detangle. The tangle teaser is for pretty much the same purpose, only when I get out. Tangle teasers are absolutely amazing! I love how fun the colour range is, they even come in smaller pocket-sizes. It really does get through your hair smoothly without pulling or snagging your hair meaning minimum breakage - great!  It can be a bit awkward to hold in the larger size but it's a small price to pay. It retails at £10.99 at Boots (well worth it).

Wella High Hair Crystal Styler

I had this used on me a longg time ago in the hairdressers and I'm not gonna lie it was the smell that attracted me. I love that kind of 'hair salon' product smell. But I generally refuse to buy things from the hairdressers just because they're so damn expensive. Luckily I found this on sale in a random bargain store. It's basically like a 'setting lotion' which helps your hair stay in place when you style it. So I'll spray this on my hair just before I blow dry it :)

L'Oreal Elvive Extraordinary Oil

I LOVE this hair oil. It's majorly multipurpose and I use it for so many different things. I run it through the ends of my hair before shampooing to really nourish my ends. I'll also use it through the ends before I blow-dry my hair to stop them splitting and finally I'll use it to smooth down any fly-aways or frizzy strands straight after I've dried my hair. It's amazing purely because it never ever leaves my hair feeling greasy, just wonderfully nourished. The smell is also phenomenal! It literally smells so good. I use the one for all hair types but there is also one for coloured hair which I imagine would be a lot more intense and moisturising. It's also pretty reasonably priced at £9.99 in Boots- Here. Especially in comparison to Moroccan oil and things. I've actually never tried Moroccan oil but I've read a fair few blog posts were bloggers actually prefer this one. I'd love to give the Mythic Oil a try also - any opinions?

This is the Tigi S factor Smoothing lusterizer. I basically use this to tame any pesky fly-aways and keep frizz down to a minimum. I used to detest this product before I worked out what I was doing wrong.. i.e. using too much. It's a thick cream which makes your hair gorgeously shiny and tamed. The key is to use a small pea-sized amount, rub it in-between your fingers and then through damp hair before drying. Anddd.. it smells like strawberries and cream - need I say more ladies? it smells truly edible (You may have guessed already i'm a sucker for a product that smells yummy). You can get it off Amazon here (£11.75)

Charles Worthington Salon at Home Intense Rescue Melting Balm

I first heard about this product through an enthusiastic you-tuber named Fleur de Force (Check her out she's great). Basically it's an intense mask for your hair to 'rescue thirsty, damaged and over-styled hair'. You scoop about a teaspon of the balm onto your fingertips and start the rub it between your fingers and it quickly turns into an oil. You then rub this through dry hair and comb through so it penetrates your hair. After 20 minutes you hop on into the shower and shampoo as normal. This balm leaves my hair feeling as if I've just walked out of the hairdressers
. My hair feels so much softer and so much healthier and Ahh I just love it. The dominant ingredient in this is coconut oil which is well known for it's water retention properties and helping keep your hair hydrated. I use this as needed really, depending on how my hair's feeling! It smells amazing and really feels like a total salon treatment. It's pretty affordable too at £16.99 from Boots, BUT it's nearly always on sale for £11.33 - here

TRESemme Heat Defence Styling Spray

Many of you will probably know this spray his highly acclaimed across the beauty world and I'm definitely a lover of this product. I use a hairdryer and other various heat tools on my hair fairly regularly so it's important I do damage control as best as I can. The spray bottle means you get a really good mist of the product and you simply spray it all over wet hair before drying or on dry hair before styling. The smell is perfectly pleasant and I feel like it really does it's job. Just a solid heat defence spray to rely on. It's usually £4.69 in Boots (it's on sale at the moment though!) - here

L'Oreal Elnett Satin Hairspray - Diamond Hold

I love this hairspray because it sprays so finely. It doesn't make your hair crispy or wet and it's perfect for smoothing down stray hairs in any hairstyle. I particularly love this 'Diamond Hold' version which makes your hair extra shiny!
A lot of people have said they don't like the smell of this hairspray but I personally really don't mind it all. Due to demand however they did bring out an unfragranced version. I couldn't find this particular one on the boots website but there are so many variations - here

A final additional product I use as needed is.. 

Batiste Dry Shampoo - Tropical

I use this to freshen up my roots in-between washes, I just love the smell of this one! There are so many different fragrances though so you're bound to find one you like the smell of. - here

So I think that's just about everything.. mega long post I know guys. If you've read to this far congratulations and thank you! 

What are the staples in your haircare routine? Anything not impressed you? 

Much Love, 
                      Natalie  xxx

Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Dainty Doll - First Impressions

 Hello there! I was always aware of the brand Dainty Doll and I've always wanted to try it seeing as it's directed specifically at pale girls it seemed perfect for me. I have very fair skin and sometimes it can be quite the pain when it comes to makeup (don't even start me on the foundation quest). I always walked by the stall at boots and swatched everything but never quite took the plunge. But.. when I heard Fragrance Direct were selling the products at 80% off. yes, that's right 80%. I had to reason to say no anymore. And not only that but I could buy a good few things. I couldn't quite contain my excitement!

Please note: I tried to use the most natural lighting possible so the colours come up true to real life. Compromising on the attractiveness of the photos!

The goods

My spoils included: 
  • A powder blush in 'Hippy Shake'  
  • A powder blush in 'Money Talks' 
  • A cream blush in 'Paper Roses' 
  • A cream blush in 'Orange County Girl' 
  • A lipstick in 'Couture' 
  • A lipstick in 'Baby Love' 
  • A eyeshadow in 'Treat Her Like A Lady'

 The lipstick packaging is metal and sturdy. It feels expensive and not cheap or plasticy which I lovee. I think the packaging on all these products is super cute. The 1940's inspired line is beautiful to look at.

This is the shade 'couture'. Admittedly it looks terrifying, but it's a dark vintage 40's red and I'm in love with it.

This is the shade 'Baby Love'. It's a nude pink (the pinkness doesn't pick up too well in the photo). It is very chic and great if you're looking for a new nude. From my first impressions I've found both lipsticks to be moisturizing and creamy. 

swatch: Left - 'Couture'. Right - 'Baby love'

In the blush department I went a bit mad.

The packaging has a matte black finish, so (something similar to Nars packaging) it's gonna get grubby. But as it stands it looks pretty good. It's not too bulky either! 

 Left: 'Hippy Shake', Right: 'Money talks' 

Hippy Shake is like a pale lilac/pink colour.. it's deceiving in different types of light! I hope it'll flatter my pale complexion well. Money Talks is the thing I've been waiting for for so long.... a contour colour for fair skin! It's a sort of taupe colour. Perfect! Can't wait to try it out properly. 


I also got two cream blushes :) 

Left: Orange County Girl. Right: Paper Roses 

(Excuse my reflection.. haha)
From what I've gathered so far these are delightful and lovely and creamy. I'm hoping to purchase a stippling brush soon and think it'll be a great way to apply these.


My last purchase was an eyeshadow.

The packaging is identical to the blushes only eyeshadow sized! 
It's a beautiful taupe colour, a nice neutral shade which I think I'll get lots of use out of!
Time to assess my savings!
Powder blushes: RRP - £13.50. I paid - £1.99!
Cream blushes: RRP - £13.50 I paid - £1.99!
Lipstick: RRP: £12.50 I paid - £1.99! 
Eyeshadow: £11.50 I paid - £1.99!

So that's everything, thanks for reading guys! 
If you'd like me to review anything in full let me know :)

Have you guys tried any of the Dainty doll range? what do you think? 

Much Love,
                Natalie xxx

Monday, 11 March 2013

Boots Botanics - A mixed bag

Hello there! I recently decided to delve into the Boots 'Botanics' range.
I think the general ethos is that it's all to do with the 'power of plants' and this intrigued me.
The line is totally reasonably priced across the board and if you're looking for low-cost, but totally natural, skincare this could be for you. The line is broken down into a number of categories: 

- All Bright (Brightens all skin types)
- Radiant Youth (Protects all skin types)
-Organic (Nourishes all skin types)
-Ultra Calm (Soothes sensitive skin)
-Shine Away (Mattifies oily skin)
-Hand and Body (Intensively moisturises)

I only sampled two things; one from the 'All Bright' range and one from the 'Organic' so I can't advise you on everything!

*Please excuse the shoddy camera work in this post.*

I tried out the Soothing Eye Make Up Remover (£3.99) and the Rosewater Toning Spritz (£4.99)
As you can see they're both reasonably priced. But one outshone the other rather drastically...

 Firstly, the least impressive (and that's putting it politely), of the two. The Soothing Eye Make Up Remover. The packaging  reads: "The clear oil phase effectively sweeps away impurities and make-up, including waterproof formulations. The aqueous phase is given it's colour by hibiscus, and helps to soothe the eye area and condition lashes"

As you can see from the description and the picture below the product is by-phase, so you have to shake it really well to mix both the oil and water layers and then it's good to go. 

My main problems with this product are the promises it simply doesn't live up to. I have to scrub at my eyes with the cotton pad to get it to break down the makeup effectively - something I thought would come with ease due to the oil. The oil leaves my entire eye area feeling particularly greasy and unpleasant. The smell is also VERY off-putting. It's hard to describe but it smells slightly medicinal and just horrible..
The hibiscus is supposed to act as a natural brightener but I can't say I've seen any difference at all. 
Something which also caught me off guard was how much it stings if you get it in your eye... god it packs a punch. I know you're not supposed to get it in your eye but it happens!
I flapped around my bathroom fearing I'd lost my eyesight for a good 2 minutes.
I ended up going back in with a face wipe straight after I used this anyway so I thought to myself, "What's the point?". 
I VERY rarely actually decide to stop using something after I've paid good money for it (I'm stubborn like that). But this I will not be picking up again.

Secondly was the rose toning spray and I was pleasantly surprised by this product!

The packaging reads: "Enliven your sense and refresh your skin with this revitalizing organic Rosewater Toner. Spritz generously after cleansing to visibly tighten pores and remove the last traces of make-up. Skin feels smoother, fresher and prepared for moisturising."

I bloomin' love this toner. Now I will confess I do not actually use this for its intended purpose. 
In my skincare routine post I made clear my love for the Liz Earle Instant boost tonic toner and I remain faithful to that for my day and night use. However.. for refreshing and perking up my skin throughout the day this is wonderful. I find myself grabbing it when I walk past and giving my skin a nice spritz. 
The liquid mists out as opposed to just soaking your entire face which is lovely. It's cooling and smells absolutely divine (if you're a lover of rose scents like I am). 
I have also noticed that, like it promises on the bottle, my skin does infact feel smoother since I started using this. This gets a definite 'thumbs up' from me! :) 

Have you guys tried anything from this range? impressed or not impressed?
 let me know in the comments bellow! 

Thanks for reading as always :)

Much love, 
                          Natalie xxx


Sunday, 3 March 2013

Bargain Beauty

 My newest obsession. For all you ladies who, like me, have a major sweet tooth and love nothing more than digging into a decadent dessert - your time has arrived.
I first heard about these beauties through missglamourazzi on YouTube. She raved and raved about them and I couldn't help but be a bit cynical: "All that over a lip balm? really?"
But right now I eat my words.
I cannot even begin to convey to you how AMAZING these are. Every time I whap out one of these little tins of deliciousness I get that little bit happier, they are sumptuously sweet.
The formula is creamy and wonderfully moisturizing. I would note however that strangely the Caramel Cream seems to be the most moisturizing. 

I don't even know how to begin describing the different scents, they're just beautiful. They even taste great.. I know. And priced at £2.25 a tin at boots I just couldn't say no. 
They were also on a 3 for 2 offer when I got mine so I got one free! wooohoo! The only version I didn't buy was the plain ole' original, who wants to be boring right?

Here's a LINK

I think i'd have to say the Caramel Cream is my ultimate favourite. But I love them all and change them up depending on my mood. If you haven't smelt these you're seriously missing out, pop down to boots and take a whiff; you won't regret it. 

Any of you tried out these new balms? Do you love them as much as me? 

Much love, 
                      Natalie xxx