Monday, 11 March 2013

Boots Botanics - A mixed bag

Hello there! I recently decided to delve into the Boots 'Botanics' range.
I think the general ethos is that it's all to do with the 'power of plants' and this intrigued me.
The line is totally reasonably priced across the board and if you're looking for low-cost, but totally natural, skincare this could be for you. The line is broken down into a number of categories: 

- All Bright (Brightens all skin types)
- Radiant Youth (Protects all skin types)
-Organic (Nourishes all skin types)
-Ultra Calm (Soothes sensitive skin)
-Shine Away (Mattifies oily skin)
-Hand and Body (Intensively moisturises)

I only sampled two things; one from the 'All Bright' range and one from the 'Organic' so I can't advise you on everything!

*Please excuse the shoddy camera work in this post.*

I tried out the Soothing Eye Make Up Remover (£3.99) and the Rosewater Toning Spritz (£4.99)
As you can see they're both reasonably priced. But one outshone the other rather drastically...

 Firstly, the least impressive (and that's putting it politely), of the two. The Soothing Eye Make Up Remover. The packaging  reads: "The clear oil phase effectively sweeps away impurities and make-up, including waterproof formulations. The aqueous phase is given it's colour by hibiscus, and helps to soothe the eye area and condition lashes"

As you can see from the description and the picture below the product is by-phase, so you have to shake it really well to mix both the oil and water layers and then it's good to go. 

My main problems with this product are the promises it simply doesn't live up to. I have to scrub at my eyes with the cotton pad to get it to break down the makeup effectively - something I thought would come with ease due to the oil. The oil leaves my entire eye area feeling particularly greasy and unpleasant. The smell is also VERY off-putting. It's hard to describe but it smells slightly medicinal and just horrible..
The hibiscus is supposed to act as a natural brightener but I can't say I've seen any difference at all. 
Something which also caught me off guard was how much it stings if you get it in your eye... god it packs a punch. I know you're not supposed to get it in your eye but it happens!
I flapped around my bathroom fearing I'd lost my eyesight for a good 2 minutes.
I ended up going back in with a face wipe straight after I used this anyway so I thought to myself, "What's the point?". 
I VERY rarely actually decide to stop using something after I've paid good money for it (I'm stubborn like that). But this I will not be picking up again.

Secondly was the rose toning spray and I was pleasantly surprised by this product!

The packaging reads: "Enliven your sense and refresh your skin with this revitalizing organic Rosewater Toner. Spritz generously after cleansing to visibly tighten pores and remove the last traces of make-up. Skin feels smoother, fresher and prepared for moisturising."

I bloomin' love this toner. Now I will confess I do not actually use this for its intended purpose. 
In my skincare routine post I made clear my love for the Liz Earle Instant boost tonic toner and I remain faithful to that for my day and night use. However.. for refreshing and perking up my skin throughout the day this is wonderful. I find myself grabbing it when I walk past and giving my skin a nice spritz. 
The liquid mists out as opposed to just soaking your entire face which is lovely. It's cooling and smells absolutely divine (if you're a lover of rose scents like I am). 
I have also noticed that, like it promises on the bottle, my skin does infact feel smoother since I started using this. This gets a definite 'thumbs up' from me! :) 

Have you guys tried anything from this range? impressed or not impressed?
 let me know in the comments bellow! 

Thanks for reading as always :)

Much love, 
                          Natalie xxx



  1. Very nice post, I didn't know boots do a rose water, so glad you like it :D must try, kinda a bummer about the makeup remover :/ New member btw :) feel free to check my blog xx

  2. Thank you! you should, it's great :) it's also really good for spraying lightly over makeup to take away the 'powdery' look. I know what a shame!
    thank you :D hope you enjoy!
    will do xx

  3. Thank you :) no problem, thanks for reading!