Friday, 31 January 2014

The Double Cleanse: on a budget

 I spent a long time hunting down a double cleanse in the drugstore that would make me happy, I didn't want to spend ridiculous amounts but I really wanted a good 2 product process that would get the job done and get it done properly. I heard really good things about the Superfacialist Una Brennan line on YouTube and I took the not-so-steep plunge. The oil (Step one) is the more recent purchase of the two. I've been using the creamy rose cleanser for a much longer time and loving it. 

RRP:  £10.99
It breaks down all my eye makeup perfectly.You massage it straight onto your skin and then apply water and it kind of becomes a milky consistency. A slight warning - it is fine for the eye area but if you really get a fair amount straight in your eyes it can sting! Maybe not one for the people out there with very sensitive eyes. All in all however a great product. It also smells amazing, like oranges!

As you can see I've recently repurchased another bottle of this stuff, I love it that much. It's so creamy and perfect for my drier skin. It smells amazing, a faint rose smell not too overpowering. It works beautifully and I'm yet to try anything that makes my skin feel so soft. I've even tried the notorious Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish and this works so much better for me. I actually feel a difference.

RRP: £7.99

Much love, 
                      Natalie x

Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Enrapture Extremity Heated Rollers Review

 These were one of my favourite Christmas presents this year, I've been dying to try them out and see what different kinds of looks I could achieve and loved them enough to think they deserved a review. I have to say I recently had a hair cut and before I hadn't had it cut in agess and I found my hair was just too heavy to use the rollers. Since I've had a bit of the weight taken off they've worked much better. This particular set has been on sale all over the place recently for around £39 down from £60 but the prize varies in different places.

(excuse the horrible lighting in these photos, it gets dark exceptionally early in Northern Ireland so flash was entirely necessary)

The set comes with 10 smaller rollers and 10 larger ones which are generally supposed to go on top for root lift. They also come with butterfly clips which are also heated.  I have to say I am by no means any sort of expert on hair.. in fact it is something I find quite fiddly. I still haven't managed a french braid. But the fact that I can use these is a testament to their simplicity. 
Now I will warn you the trick with these is placement and the first few goes I gave up because I just couldn't manage it. I am all fingers and thumbs and my hair was less than cooperative. BUT on the third fifth go I just about got it.
Those of you who aren't as hair-challenged as me will be more than at ease don't worry. When I did manage to get it I was so pleased with the results. 
You place them in the hair from the bottom working up, I personally stick the small ones at the bottom for tighter curls and more volume at the top using the larger ones. The key with these is a nice neat roll keeping the hair tight. But if you mess it up they're quite fool-proof. The minimum time to leave them to cool is about 15 mins, everything after that is a bonus. They also take literally about 30 seconds to heat up. This makes them perfect for a quick style which can cool whilst you're doing your makeup or something. 

onto the results: 

I was more than happy with the volume and bounce of the curls and the general look (my hoodie-and-no-makeup look is remarkably less glamourous in comparison).

I also like how it created more side-sweep layers around the face! All in all, i'm a very happy girl!

Have any of you tried them? what do you think? 

Much Love, 
                           Natalie x

Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Amazon finds: Bargain Black Chelsea Boots

It is no secret that Chelsea boots have been seriously popular this season.I have been on the lookout for a nice pair of black chelsea boots everywhere but haven't been able to find them what with everything being all over the place in the sales. Finally I gave up looking in stores and turned online. I took a risk and picked up these off amazon with the 'oh they're on sale I may as well' approach. They ended up being £17.99 down from £22.99.  I have since seen some pairs in New Look which drove me crazy after me trying to hunt them down, but regardless i'm well chuffed with these ones and it did work out a tad cheaper. 

Here's what they look like. I was almost tempted to buy them in burgundy after I saw how nice they were. The heel is pretty substantial, but nothing overly drastic and thick enough that they're comfy. I was so worried about the sizing because I have one foot bigger than the other and ordering clothes and shoes etc on line is always a risk, I'm glad I did. I'm yet to give them a proper good trial on a day into town or elsewhere but I'm sure they'll fair just fine. They feel relatively sturdy and good quality despite them being faux leather (hence the great price point). 

Here's a quick snap of them I just took on my phone so you can see what they actually look like.

You can find these great little boots - here if you're interested! 

Much love, 
                     Natalie x

Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Soap & Glory Sexy Motherpucker Gloss Stick - worth the hype?

These lovely little things have gotten massive hype on blogs and Youtube with a ton of people. I had to jump on the balm-stick-glossy-tint thing wagon as I didn't own any, these seemed like a good start! However now i've fallen in love I fear for my bank balance.. I.need.more.  I adore easy wear lip products, the sort of low maintenance colour you can stick on anywhere without needing a liner and lip brush and all that jazz. I put these at the top of my Christmas list and, much to my delight, Santa did not dissapoint.

 I got these in the little Christmas gift set of three which came in a tin and it worked out cheaper than buying the three individually but you buy these individually on boots - here. They retail for about £8 each which isn't the cheapest out there but it certainly isn't the most expensive either. Boots tend to have offers on so I'd recommend keeping a look out and picking one up then or using your cherished Boots points always softens the blow. 

These are extremely glossy and I love it, it probably sets these apart from the other balms on the market. They also smell delicious, they have that MAC lipstick vanilla scent about them - a bit like sweeties - I love it. The sort of pointed tip makes them easy to apply precisely although I imagine they'll become blunt as you use them more, they almost melt onto your lips they're that creamy (which makes them seriously comfortable to wear). The three shades I own are: Nudist, Fuchsia-Ris tic (love a good product name pun) and Plum Jam.

Time for swatches. . 

Left to right: Nudist, Fuchsia-Ristic and Plum jam.

Does exactly what it says on the tin. This is a beautiful nude shade which is entirely unoffensive and great for those of you terrified of bright, bold 'look at my lips now' kinda colours. To use the complete cosmetic cliche, it is a 'your lips but better' and glossier shade. I reckon I'll get the most wear out of this one.

This is definitely a tad more daring and less everyday wear, unless that's just your style. It's a bit brighter than this in person but it's generally a very flattering colour and easier to wear than a straight up bright pink lipstick as its a tad sheer-er. You can really build this sort of balm glosses up to whatever kind of intensity you'd like which is always great. 

Plum Jam
  Probably the most sophisticated of the bunch and a bit deeper than its showing up in the photo, its got slightly more dark berry tones but it's also beautiful. Probably again less likely to be worn everyday but I really love it. I love them all lets just be honest. 

If I had to suggest just one I'd probably say Nudist.. although that's just the most wearable out of the bunch. A bit of my heart is with them all and I will pick up the last two shades if I get the chance. I really hope they expand the range and bring out more colours. These are one product actually worth the hype.

Have any of you tried these? what do you think? 

Much Love, 
               Natalie x

Wednesday, 1 January 2014

bareMinerals 'The Affair to Remember' palette review

This palette was a massive impulsive buy in the sales that I could not be happier with. I think the RRP is £35 but it was in the sale at Debenhams for £17.50 so when I got a glimpse of the rose gold packaging I jumped at the chance to own it. It's a 'Ready Eyeshadow 8.0' palette meaning its basically 8 shadows which aren't loose like other bareMinerals products, like your conventional style palette in that way. It's also the first bare minerals shadows I've every used and I'm impressed.  So without futher introduction, here it is!

 The inside of the box has a little description about the shadows, it reads: "BareMinerals Ready Eyeshadow provides exceptionally vivid long-wearing color in an ultra smooth, silky texture for effortless application and seamless blendability. Powered by our proprietary SeaNutritive Mineral Complex, this formula delivers a softer smoother, revitalized eye area." I haven't really noticed anything about revitalized eyes but the shadows are pretty good.

shades left to right: (top row) Curtsy, Valet, Debutante, Romance. (Bottom row) Waltz, Caviar & Cake, Swept Away and Revelry.
The shades are generally all quite soft let you create quite romantic looks.The shadows all have taupe tones making them ultra flattering and wearable. As well as being able to create soft light smokey looks with the peachy-pink, light purple and white shade you can also go a bit darker and really smoke things out with the darker shades. A very versatile palette if these shades are your kinda thing. The shades are also listed on the reverse of the palette and not just the packaging which is great - I hate when you shadows don't have names on the palette! 

I've committed the ultimate blogger sin and used the shadows before photographing so they don't look quite as pristine as they did when I first got it. This brings me to one con of this palette; there are no matte shades in this palette. If you're like me and you love shimmer then you won't be too concerned but just be warned if you need a good matte you won't find it here. The shades Curtsy, Romance and Revelry are seriously glittery and you will almost definitely get fall out when using these shades. They look b-e-a-u-tiful on the lid but be warned you may want to do your eyes before your base if you're gonna use these colours. Something like Mac fix plus could fix that a bit better i'm sure. Valet and Debutante are more of a satin finish as are Waltz, Caviar and Cake and Swept Away. 
The palette also comes with two little mini brushes but I seem to have discarded mine! 

Now on to some swatches: 
The lighting here isn't great at definately washes out the colour a bit but all shades, bar the first very white shade, are impressively pigmented and easy to blend. I found Curtsy had very little actual colour pay-off compared to the other shades and I couldn't use it on its own. I did however think it had a beautiful sheeny effect and used it to press over my lid and onto the center to add some dimension. It's the only shade I had any difficulty with however. The rest are soft and buttery in texture and working with them was easy-peasy.

So that's my thoughts on this palette, I have to say it's definitely a great addition to my collection and i'm very pleased to get some softer purple-hued shades. I got a great bargain too which helps, perhaps if it were full price I never would have bothered looking at all! I'd be more than happy to do some different looks with the palette as well if you're interested .

What do you think? have you tried any bareMinerals shadows?

Much love, 
                         Natalie xx