About Me

My full name is Natalie Clarke, (not a very exciting name.. I envy those bloggers with beautiful original names that add to the creativity of their wonderfully artistic blogs) it's plain but it'll do. (^ That beautiful 
creature is my little best friend, her name is Molly)

I intended for my blog to be a bit of everything really. Different segments of my life and my interests that I would share with you lovely people reading this right now. It came from a love of reading other blogs and an interest in other bloggers' lives. One day I just thought "why can't I do that?" And so here I am.

The hope is that even one person might find it remotely interesting or helpful, and that's good enough for me! I love being interactive; following other blogs, commenting and reading comments. I love replying to all or as many as I can. It's always really encouraging to see someone is enjoying what you've got to say and I pretty much squeal with delight when someone new follows.

On this blog you're most likely to find beauty reviews, what i'm currently loving, routine posts and general updates. There will probably be a few random posts thrown in there amongst the mix depending on how I'm feeling.

Thank you for reading and supporting my blog! It means a lot :)

         Natalie xx

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