Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Soap & Glory Sexy Motherpucker Gloss Stick - worth the hype?

These lovely little things have gotten massive hype on blogs and Youtube with a ton of people. I had to jump on the balm-stick-glossy-tint thing wagon as I didn't own any, these seemed like a good start! However now i've fallen in love I fear for my bank balance.. I.need.more.  I adore easy wear lip products, the sort of low maintenance colour you can stick on anywhere without needing a liner and lip brush and all that jazz. I put these at the top of my Christmas list and, much to my delight, Santa did not dissapoint.

 I got these in the little Christmas gift set of three which came in a tin and it worked out cheaper than buying the three individually but you buy these individually on boots - here. They retail for about £8 each which isn't the cheapest out there but it certainly isn't the most expensive either. Boots tend to have offers on so I'd recommend keeping a look out and picking one up then or using your cherished Boots points always softens the blow. 

These are extremely glossy and I love it, it probably sets these apart from the other balms on the market. They also smell delicious, they have that MAC lipstick vanilla scent about them - a bit like sweeties - I love it. The sort of pointed tip makes them easy to apply precisely although I imagine they'll become blunt as you use them more, they almost melt onto your lips they're that creamy (which makes them seriously comfortable to wear). The three shades I own are: Nudist, Fuchsia-Ris tic (love a good product name pun) and Plum Jam.

Time for swatches. . 

Left to right: Nudist, Fuchsia-Ristic and Plum jam.

Does exactly what it says on the tin. This is a beautiful nude shade which is entirely unoffensive and great for those of you terrified of bright, bold 'look at my lips now' kinda colours. To use the complete cosmetic cliche, it is a 'your lips but better' and glossier shade. I reckon I'll get the most wear out of this one.

This is definitely a tad more daring and less everyday wear, unless that's just your style. It's a bit brighter than this in person but it's generally a very flattering colour and easier to wear than a straight up bright pink lipstick as its a tad sheer-er. You can really build this sort of balm glosses up to whatever kind of intensity you'd like which is always great. 

Plum Jam
  Probably the most sophisticated of the bunch and a bit deeper than its showing up in the photo, its got slightly more dark berry tones but it's also beautiful. Probably again less likely to be worn everyday but I really love it. I love them all lets just be honest. 

If I had to suggest just one I'd probably say Nudist.. although that's just the most wearable out of the bunch. A bit of my heart is with them all and I will pick up the last two shades if I get the chance. I really hope they expand the range and bring out more colours. These are one product actually worth the hype.

Have any of you tried these? what do you think? 

Much Love, 
               Natalie x


  1. I don't know what colour to get, what colour do you wear the most?

  2. I would say nudist because it's probably the most wearable, being a more toned down colour! its great if your other makeup is a bit more dramatic. But if you're the kinda person who loves a bright lip everyday then something like Fuchsia-ristic! hope that's been helpful.
    Thanks for following by the way :)