This is a short disclaimer - aka. the boring bit - I won't make it too long, promise.
I'll start with a quick thank you for reading my blog, it means the world to me. Life gets hectic very quickly and if I could i'd spend hours upon hours perfecting my blogging technique I would. I do my upmost to provide a relatively fuss-free blog for you guys and this is just a brief way of ensuring my credibility as a blogger.

 Everything I say on this blog (Whether it be good or bad) is totally and utterly 100% my own opinion. Anybody is more than welcome to disagree with me and nobody is oblidged to purchase or avoid anything I might recommend or dislike. It's all just my own opinion and thoughts on things. I would never rave about something I didn't really like. I want to make my blog as useful as possible for you guys and that involves keeping it honest and informative (and fun hopefully!).

None of my posts are sponsored and i'm not affiliated with any brand that I mention. Like anybody else I buy things I review with my own money and at my own risk!

Thanks everybody :)

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