Thursday, 16 May 2013

Birthday beauty - a birthday 'haul'

From this post you'll be able to gather my loved ones know me too well... they're well aware of my beauty fanatic ways. So it may look a tad excessive but remember these were gifts guys! From lots of different people. It's why I was reluctant to use the 'haul' label.

Real Techniques core collection brush set - MUA 'undress me too' palette -  Sleek 'Storm' palette - Avon Naturals body lotion - Soap and Glory 'mist you madly' body spray - Bourjois pot rouge - Collection lasting perfection concealer - Essie nail polish, Avon nailwear pro+ polish, Barry M gelly hi-shine polishes, Bourjois 1 seconde polish - Models Own Hedkandi polish.


These are the two palettes I received (apologies for the lighting, didn't want to wash out the colours!)The colours are def up my street and both are a totally bargain with the sleek palette costing just £7.99 and the MUA palette £4. Neutrals are kind of my thing and so far I'm loving these colours.

Make-up Bits

The pot rouge blush is in the shade 'rose pompon' and the concealer is 'fair 1' (the lightest I presume). I have heard a lot of negative feedback about these blushes for their lack of pigmentation and 'overly glittery' appearance. However, these are the exact two reasons I have came to love this blush. It's relatively cheap and cheerful and I don't have to use a light hand. I've found it to be an amazing everyday blush purely because of its 'buildability'. I don't have to be too careful and I can skip on a highlight - perfect. I have it pegged as a lazy day blush. The concealer is also up to scratch and I've found no problems with it as yet.

Body products 

I currently already own a bottle of this Soap and Glory body spray but I absolutely adore it and was delighted to have a backup! The lotion is is the scent 'raspberry and hibiscus' and smells divine - for those of us who have no qualms with smelling like a massive 'petit filous'. 

Nail Polishes

I have been eyeing these up for far too long (as my friends already knew apparently!) and was so excited when I got them. I've found the colours are great and the formula even more so.

Shades from left to right: papaya, dragon fruit, blueberry and greenberry.

These were the other assorted polishes I was equally excited to get! 
Shades left to right: 'Buy me a cameo', 'beach party', couldn't find the shade of this after scrutinizing the bottle for a good ten minutes, it's a purple glitter polish anyway) and 'seduce me strawberry'

So that's about everything! I figured the brushes were fairly self-explanatory. Thanks for reading guys. 

If you want to see any individual reviews on anything just ask in the comments and I'll be more than happy to do one! 

Much love, 
                 Natalie xx

Monday, 13 May 2013

A love affair - Ted Baker

Deepest apologies to all of you for not blogging in the longest time.. this is the joy of exams *sobs uncontrollably* 
I'm still in the midst of the dreaded things so I'll post when I can and then hopefully more regularly in the summer. 

For now I bring you the latest love in my life. This is something I've admired from afar for a longg time but I just couldn't bring myself to buy it. I couldn't justify the £40 it cost for something so small....yet oh so beautiful. Of course when it was bought for me as a birthday gift I couldn't feel guilty! 
I've been after a Ted Baker make-up bag for a long time. I adored the bright floral neon prints and patent appearance; in the end I opted for something more classic and luxurious looking.

so wait with bated breath no longer, here it is in all its glory.. 

 It's called the 'Galene' bag and is actually branded as a wash bag, but for me its' the perfect size and material to use as a make-up bag. The lighting here makes it look very white, it's more cream with rose gold hardware.

 It's on the Ted Baker site - Here!

The detailing is really quite nice and although the cream lining is not going to stay cream for long, the bag is beautiful. Or at least I think so anyway! 
This is without doubt going to be long and beautiful love affair.

Much Love, 
               Natalie xx