Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Enrapture Extremity Heated Rollers Review

 These were one of my favourite Christmas presents this year, I've been dying to try them out and see what different kinds of looks I could achieve and loved them enough to think they deserved a review. I have to say I recently had a hair cut and before I hadn't had it cut in agess and I found my hair was just too heavy to use the rollers. Since I've had a bit of the weight taken off they've worked much better. This particular set has been on sale all over the place recently for around £39 down from £60 but the prize varies in different places.

(excuse the horrible lighting in these photos, it gets dark exceptionally early in Northern Ireland so flash was entirely necessary)

The set comes with 10 smaller rollers and 10 larger ones which are generally supposed to go on top for root lift. They also come with butterfly clips which are also heated.  I have to say I am by no means any sort of expert on hair.. in fact it is something I find quite fiddly. I still haven't managed a french braid. But the fact that I can use these is a testament to their simplicity. 
Now I will warn you the trick with these is placement and the first few goes I gave up because I just couldn't manage it. I am all fingers and thumbs and my hair was less than cooperative. BUT on the third fifth go I just about got it.
Those of you who aren't as hair-challenged as me will be more than at ease don't worry. When I did manage to get it I was so pleased with the results. 
You place them in the hair from the bottom working up, I personally stick the small ones at the bottom for tighter curls and more volume at the top using the larger ones. The key with these is a nice neat roll keeping the hair tight. But if you mess it up they're quite fool-proof. The minimum time to leave them to cool is about 15 mins, everything after that is a bonus. They also take literally about 30 seconds to heat up. This makes them perfect for a quick style which can cool whilst you're doing your makeup or something. 

onto the results: 

I was more than happy with the volume and bounce of the curls and the general look (my hoodie-and-no-makeup look is remarkably less glamourous in comparison).

I also like how it created more side-sweep layers around the face! All in all, i'm a very happy girl!

Have any of you tried them? what do you think? 

Much Love, 
                           Natalie x


  1. Hey Doll your finished look is Fierce! Looks nice 2 snaps snaps girl! Yea i am hair challenged as well! Trust me i am not any good except for straightening and putting my hair in a pony tail! I loved how the clips can be heated very nice product you go there chica! xoxo- Cyndi

    1. aww thank you! It's fiddly business, i'm too clumsy for great hairstyles. I know the feeling!
      Yeah I was really really pleased with the results. Thanks for commenting :) x

  2. Wow, you look beautiful with there soft curls. Nice blog. Following you on GFC.

    Keep in touch,

    1. Aw thank you!
      I'm so glad you like the blog :)