Friday, 22 February 2013

Nailed it.

Hello all you lovely people! 
I thought I'd do a quick post on my favourite nail polishes of the moment. You'll be able to see i'm a Nails Inc London fan, they apply like a dream. So without further ramblings..

 These are my current absolute favourite nail polish colours. When I went to write this post I realised I was totally lacking in pretty pink shades and shocking colours.. I'm going to have to sort that out VERY soon. Any recommendations?

This is the cult shade 'For Audrey' by China Glaze, it's a beautiful Tiffany blue. Looks adorable on the toes! 

This is 'Porchester Square' by Nails Inc. The camera doesn't really pick up the true colour of this polish. It's got like a heathery-purple undertone. A very chic and sophisticated nude. I was waiting in a queue for the toilets today in the shopping centre (glamourous) and much to my delight the woman behind me paid me a compliment on this colour. yay!

This is 'Sweet Pea dream' by Avon. It's a nailwear pro+ polish and it's a lovely pastel pink. It has gold shimmer in it that's really quite lovely. I will say however it takes a couple of coats to show up true to colour - never ideal. But I love it none the less!

This is a Maxfactor polish.. I think this one was called 'blissful blue' or something to that affect (I can't quite remember. sorry!) You can't really see in this photo but it's a holographic polish so it has a lovely affect on the nails in different lighting.

This is my signature red polish. It's called 'Tate' and as you can see it's by Nails Inc. It's a beautiful bright red which adds drama to pretty much any look. I find red nail polish very classic and an easy way to make a statement without feeling lilke you want to dash back home.

This is a deep holographic purple called 'St Marks Square' by Nails Inc. Purple is my favourite colour so I guess a purple polish was a given.. I love this one especially!

This is a more pastel-esque purple. It's '407 - Venus' by  Rimmel.. it's a very old polish which probably needs thrown out. But I can't stop myself slapping it on occasionally!

The final shade is 'The Thames' by Nails inc. This aptly named grey polish is once again very chic and sophisticated. The neutral shade is very easy to wear and I have it on at the moment. Sometimes I slap on a glitter coat on top just to make it exciting! but all in all a beautiful colour. Nails Inc are famed for their nudes!

So there's my post for the nail polish addicts amongst you out there. 
hope you all enjoyed! :)
I would love to hear what your favourite nail polishes are?

                       Natalie xxx


  1. favourite nail polish?? you're asking for too much >__<
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    1. Hahaa I know how you feel! I love Nail polish. I need to try out some new ones :)
      Thank you, they're a really good brand you should check them out!

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