Saturday, 23 February 2013

My Origins facial experience

 Hello! I recently went for a facial at my nearest Origins counter and thought i'd let you all in on my experience. I'll start off just by saying I had a ball of a time and this is going to be a very positive post :) It's my honest opinion and believe me it's not a sponsored post. 

The facial service is a complimentary service Origins offer to ALL their customers, it's totally 100% free. that's right, you heard me.. FREE. And with no obligation to buy products I found myself asking "WHY have I not done this before?!

It was an utter delight to be pampered and enjoy the facial experience. The Origins worker was just lovely and very easy to chat to and asked me to fill out a form about my skin type so she could pick the best products for the facial. I had to write down my usual skin rountine and things like that so she could best fit the facial.

As it began she placed a hair wrap around my head to stop any product getting into my hair and tipped my chair back so I could truly relaxxx. She used the custom-designed range of products on me and talked me through each of the products as she was doing it. I can't even tell  you how therapeutic and relaxng it was. She used everything from serums to exfoliants to face mask to lotions and eye masks and creams. The products smelt absolutely amazing and it was just great. She even suggested I book myself in each month seeing as it's free! We had casual chat throughout the whole thing and it was all in all a pleasant experience. I think I'm going to make an appointment for my mum, it's the exact kind of thing a stressed out mum would love!

I became more familar with the ethos of the brand during my experience and how they're completely paraben free and very keen on being powered by nature. I think this is a really great concept and totally important when it comes to what we're putting on our precious skin. 

As the facial came to an end she sat down and showed me everything she'd used. She then asked if I'd like a sample of anything and I went home with a few sneaky samples! I am particularly enthused about their Gin Zing eye cream and I think I'll be enjoying that! I might go back and pick up the full size if it impresses me :) 

She put my samples in a little tester box and gave me a sheet on which she'd ticked all the products that had been used incase I was interested in the future. And if that wasn't pleasing enough she gave me the hair wrap she'd used as a little gift! I'm throughly impressed by Origins customer service and this excellent service that they offer. It's a great way of getting to really know the brand and find out if you might want to use it in the future! I love that there was no pressure to buy anything also, I don't like it when you feel intimidated or pressured by sales people.

I recommend you all try this out! what have you got to lose? 

My goodies from the experience

My personalised form with the products used
The Origins ethos

And that's about it! Have any of you tried out an Origins facial? 
Had any great or not so great facial experiences? 

comments welcomed!
Thanks for reading :)

Much Love, 
                           Natalie xxx


  1. I can't believe it was free? It sounds amazing xx

    Gem ♥ | Miss Makeup Magpie

  2. I know right!when I first heard I almost couldn't believe it.l Had a wonderful time, would recommend it to anybody :)