Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Bring on another year! 2013

And so we welcome another year.. It will be a couple of months yet before I get used to writing '2012' on anything but hey ho.
 I have to say some part of me is glad to see the back of 2012, but I'm optimistic about new beginnings. I for one spent New years eve sick with a flu watching TV. We can't all be wild party animals I suppose. I have to say having seen the majority of relatives for New years day lunch I certainly looked a lot fresher than the pained hungover faces around the table.
Lets hope 2013 brings beautiful and amazing things - not to be cliche but time really does fly by doesn't it? I'm not going to get overly sentimental on you all, it's a bit early for that. Hope you all had a wonderful New years wherever you are and whatever you got up to.. don't worry, I won't tell ;) 
I  should have another review coming up for yous very soon on a recent sneaky purchase.. shhh. Christmas money well spent I can tell you that much. Happy with this nifty little product!
All being well I can review a book sometime soon also, gotta have some variety.

What did yous get up to on New Years? let me know!

Much Love,
                     Natalie xx

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