Sunday, 14 July 2013

10 most common beauty mistakes

This post was heavily influenced by an article I read in LOOK magazine earlier today. I read it and was like 'right, I need to share this' so went about writing this post. 
Without further babbling, here are the beauty sins we're most guilty of.. 

(Disclaimer: Everyone does their makeup and beauty bits differently, whatever works for you is best! these are just the most common mistakes)

1. Dabbing foundation around your face 

  • Always start at the cetnre of your face and work outwards
  • It makes it harder to blend in when left to dry
  • You're more likely to encounter streaks and get product in your hairline


2. Holding eyeliner like a pencil 

  • Most people hold their eyeliner like they're about to write (close to the nib)
  • It means your more likely to create a blurred line 
  • The correct spot is further back (2in - if you want to be ultra precise)


3. Patting eye cream on at night 

  • Most of you probably know you should apply eye cream with your ring finger (to apply the least pressure)
  • It should be put on in the morning
  • Sleeping + eye cream = puffiness 
  • If you're standing up congestion can drain away


4. Misplacing blusher

  • Imagine a vertical line from the centre of your pupil down your cheek and another from the end of your eyebrow down - this can help lift your entire face


5. Putting kirby grips where they're not needed

  • Most of us are guilty of using enough kirby grips to support a small house, with hair still falling out
  • Usually it's because they're not in the right place
  • Slide them where there's the most tension i.e. centre or bottom of the style (not the ends of your hair)


6. Using too much hair product

  • It's  mega easy to go OTT on the hair product. 
  • This is a really quirky system that helps you work out how much of each thing to use. It is based on the circumference of different fruits (the same principle of like a 'pea-sized amount' etc)
 Shampoo + conditoner = Strawberry
conditoning treatment = Plum
Mousse =  Apricot
Serum = Grape
Oil =  Blueberry


7. Not wiggling your mascara wand

  • Literally everyone has a weird and wonderful way of applying their own mascara (and a facial expression to match) 
  • Makeup artists contest that wiggling the wand at the base of the lashes before combing through creates the most volume


8. Using hand cream on your palms 

  • In reality it is the back of your hands that need the TLC
  • Your palms have more sweat glands, so don't get as dry


9. Using too much nail polish 

  • So many of us apply nail polish too thickly, so it chips 
  • Aim for 3 swipes per coat (one down the centre and one to either side)
  • Wide brushes work best


10. Spraying perfuime on your neck

  • We all moan that you can't smell your perfume after a while and that it doesn't last
  • Most of us spray straight onto our wrists and neck
  • For longevity spray onto your collarbone and into the crook of your elbow 

Sooo that's everything. I know I am definately guilty of a few if not all of those.... opps. 
What about you guys?

Thanks for reading! 

Much love, 
                     Natalie  xxx


  1. This is a great post! I really enjoyed reading it - and I too was guilty of a few.. oops

    Emily x

    P.S now following you :-)

    1. aww glad you enjoyed it, aren't we all!
      Thanks for following :) x