Sunday, 30 June 2013

Discount store shopping

In the UK we have these bargain stores like B&M, bargain home and poundland etc that occasionally sell discounted makeup. I'm not one to pass up any decent looking cosmetic item that costs £1 so on a recent shopping trip I picked up a few things and it's all good news.

Cue the goods.. 

Left to right: Sally Hansen Natural Beauty Sheerest Cream Blush, Revlon colourstay nail polish, NYC applelicious Glossy Lip Balm, NYC Waterproof Eyeliner Pencil.

As you can see above the blush is the shade 'Beaming'. It's a beautiful natural pink shade and, as the name would suggest, goes on very sheer. I'm probably most impressed with this out of all the things I bought. I didn't even know Sally Hansen made makeup but I'm in love. It creates a really nice natural sheeny effect and generally brightens up the face. 

Here's what it looks like on... 
(I wear my blusher quite high up on the cheeks)

Shades left to right: Sweet Tart, Sorbet and Provence. 

The pencil and applelicious lip balm came in a pack together for £1. The pencil is a dark blue sort of colour and whilst i'm not convinced about its' staying power, it is a nice shade. 

The lip balm is in the shade 'Apple Blueberry Pie'. I loveeee this balm. It smells amazing and proper appley. It has a core of moisture surrounded by the colour and, as you can see from the swatch, is a sheer deep raspberry colour. Almost like the colour of Ribena!

All in all I'm well chuffed with the purchases and so surprised at how much of a bargain it all was! The revlon polishes especially. 

Much love, 
                              Natalie xxx

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