Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Foundation failure - MAC studio fix fluid

Condemning post title aside, this post is purely based on my own experiences with this particular foundation and I shall tell you all exactly why I was so disappointed. 
I can assure you this wasn't a 'trialed once and then thrown aside' job. I was VERY determined to make this work for me and actually wore it out a lot. After paying neigh on £20 for a foundation one doesn't back down easily. I wanted this foundation to work for me so badly, but it just didn't.

I put this down to a number of factors. Firstly, the shoddy shade range. This is the palest in their range. Now in previous posts I have informed you all of my foundation trials and tribulations being a very fair skinned lady. I was matched to this shade by a sales person at the MAC counter in my local department store. Either their store lighting was seriously off or they were just determined to make a sale and compromised.. a lot. 

Admittedly blame has to go to me for buying the thing but it was my first experience getting matched and I  had the "Well the professional says it fits me, so it must do" outlook. I shall not be quite so trusting again!

You'll also probably notice this foundation is extremely  yellow-based. I have quite a lot of pink undertones in my skin so this was definitely not the right shade for me. There was no 'NW' range in this foundation and like I said this was their palest. Now I'm not an expert on other MAC foundations so their shade ranges could be a lot more accommodating but this one wasn't great.

The next fault lies in the formulation itself. If you are someone with dry patches in their skin, dry skin generally or combination skin I would advise you to stay wellllll clear of this foundation. It is extremely difficult to spread and clings horribly to dry patches, emphasising them and leaving a very unattractive finish. I have a friend with quite oily skin who absolutely loves this foundation so if they stock your shade and you've got oily skin you may well love this, but it just was not for me. 
The foundation also oxidizes pretty significantly meaning it get's darker after application. I would advise you to get a sample of this foundation and make sure you're happy with the change in colour if you're considering a purchase.

The next aspect that annoyed me was the absence of a foundation pump... I really hate bottles without a pump! it's a particular pet peeve of mine. I hate having to whack the bottle of my hand to get it out and then being annoyed at the stuff left in the bottom that I can't get out! 
Now if the foundation inside was great (Like Revlon Colourstay foundation) I would overlook it but, already unimpressed, it just made me more annoyed. 

My final qualm was the smell.. it has a horrible very heavy 'make-upy' smell. It's quite strong so if you're funny about the fragrance of products I would tread carefully..

Here you can see the disastrous shade match... and as I'm not going for the 'Satsuma dry patchy face' look this foundation has found it's way into the 'Makeup ornament' dresser section- the stuff that lies there unloved and unused.

I would love to know if any of you have tried this foundation, what's your opinion? What experiences have you had with other MAC foundations?

Much love, 
               Natalie xxx


  1. I have tried MAC foundations before, but there is something in it that breaks me out. My skin can be very sensitive to things sometimes, but it's not overly sensitive. MAC and Estee Lauder Foundations are the only foundations that ever break me out. I would suggest checking out the Lancome Teint Ultra 24H Foundation because that one is really good and they have a very good range of colors. I am brown-skinned, but I have a friend who is very fair-skinned and their lightest shade is her perfect match even being a bit lighter. :)

    1. i have heard that a lot before about mac foundations actually! the only other one i've tried was studio sculpt and againn I was matched too dark.
      I'll have to try that one out, thanks for the recommendation! I use either revlon colourstay or bare minerals atm and I LOVE them. But i'm always on the look out for different finishes etc. thanks for reading and commenting! :)

  2. I love MAC's shades and can get a perfect match, but I always end up looking like an explosion in a fireworks factory after use. The only thing that'll not murder my skin is Studio Tech Plus - the cream-ish powder compact. Even then, I'll get a few zits.
    My Beauty Junction

    1. that's horrible :/ I've heard of that from so many people, it must be something problematic in their formulas!
      thanks for reading and commenting :)

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  4. I have had the absolute worst experiences with MAC employees and foundations..99% of their foundations break my face out and ugh I just don't have anything good to say about it either and it's too damn pricey....I totally feel ya on the pump part....Especially when your paying so much for a product you would think they would come with one...There is actually only one MAC foundation that I absolutely love and that's the MAC Face and Body foundation...It comes in many shades, but it very forgiving if you go one up or one below I did a review on it if you want to look into it http://www.chinkymandie.com/2013/03/mac-face-body-foundation-review_2.html
    Loved your review even though it wasn't the most pleasant experience for you.

    Mandie Jo

    1. It's a nightmare. When a foundation is that price they have no excuse not to have a pump! I reallyyyy want to give face and body a go! I've heard good things :)  your review was very useful thanks!  aww thank you, glad you enjoyed :) thanks for.reading and commenting! x

  5. Oh my goodness, I had the same problem with the MAC Matchmaster foundation in that they colour matched me completely off- I wish I could share a photo of the magnitude of difference between the shade they sold me and every other shade of foundation I have ever used- its insane!

    Also I get the whole makeupy smell thing- I felt like I was putting on stage make-up everytime I used mine (yuk!). I didn't use it for long!

    www.hanpops.blogspot.com xxxx

    1. I know exactly what you mean.. they get it wrong a lot.
      Yeah precisely, it smells really cakey or heavy or something! Neither did I with mine. Nothing I hate more than wasted money :(
      thanks for reading and commenting! xx

  6. whoa, the lady must have been blind!

    1. I know right! it oxidizes like crazy too. Just my luck..