Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Maybelline Baby Lips - worth the hype?

I'm sure you're all more than fed up of hearing about the notorious Maybelline Baby Lips, especially if you're in the UK given we got them much later than the US. But I gave in and decided to try one out, and I'm completely split on my review. It's both worth it and not worth it at the same time.. it's a strange one. 

I bought the shade 'Cherry Me' and I have to say it smells delicious - if you're really into that sort of fake cherry sweetie smell. I think whilst when you first put it on it really does moisturise and makes your lips feel relatively soft. But after a while I feel like my lips are even drier than they were to begin with. It's very much artificial 'moisturising' and a quick fix product with a sort of instant gratification. I  can't speak for all the range, perhaps the plain 'hydrate' one is much better at not drying on the lips but this definately did me no favours in the long run. What I do love about it, however, is how easy it is to grab and use for the subtle hint of colour. 

 It adds a really nice tint to the lips (Especially lovely for this time of year) which is reasonably buildable as you can see below.

 For that alone I do think this product has a purpose. But overall I just wasn't as impressed as I expected to be given all the fuss, what can you really expect from a £3 lip balm is the question afterall? For the price point, it's good and certainly has a purpose as a nice tint of colour.. but for its moisturising properties alone I probably wouldn't buy it again.

What do you guys think? are any of the other shades different? 

Much love, 
                   Natalie xx


  1. it's been given such hype even here in asia!!! I haven't tried this yet though.

    1. I know it's crazy they're everywhere! give it a go, you might like it :)

  2. I have to agree with you, it works when it is first applied but after a while I find my lips are even more dry than to begin with so I am always reapplying, I like that the colour is subtle enough that you don't need to use a mirror when applying. Not sure if it is really worth £2.99 though, I have used lip balms that cost less and work better, but the packaging is cute and definitely stands out so you aren't going to lose it in your bag.

    1. yeah exactly, I feel it is essentially an over-glorified lip balm which doesn't do enough for your lips to be effective. That's true too! I'll still continue to use mine.
      Thanks for commenting :)